Can A BBQ Grill Go In Dishwasher?

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is very important especially when you’re dealing with barbeque grills. With so many theories and misconceptions concerning the cleaning of BBQ grills, it easy to be misled. You may ask yourself, can a bbq grill go in dishwasher? What is the best possible way to clean your grills? Read on to find out how to go about bbq grill cleaning

If you are a busy cook, there’s a high likelihood that you want your grill plates clean before you embark on grilling duties. There is always the temptation to dip your barbecue grills in a dishwasher and save cleaning time. However, there are several reasons why dishwashing is not a good idea.

Most grill grates are made of cast iron with a few available in stainless steel. Cast iron is not dishwasher friendly because it tends to rust quickly when in contact with water. There’s nothing worse than a rusty grill, and sooner rather than later you will have to replace such plates. Also dipping your grills in a dishwasher immediately after use can damage them since hot steam doesn’t bode well with iron casts.

What is the best way to clean BBQ grills?

Before you proceed to clean your grill plates, it’s always wise to allow them to cool down first. One of the best ways to clean BBQ grills is to use warm soapy water and a good stiff brush. The stiff brush helps to get rid of any sticky burnt-on food stains on your grill.

It is advisable to turn on your grill and allow it to burn for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. Heating makes removes most of the food residue on the grates. Then proceed to scrape the surface and the sides to remove resistant particles. Finally, hand wash the grates using warm water and some dish soap. Unless you are a busy cook, cleaning your grills at least once in a month should be fine.

What to avoid

Avoid using soaps that have complex chemical substances. The cast iron can react with these chemicals making it porous and unsuitable for grilling. If the contaminated cast iron grills don’t kill you, they can give your BBQ an unpleasant flavor that is hard to eliminate.


After cleaning your grates, remember to re-season them with oil. Seasoning ensures that your grilled meat retains its favour. Meat grilled on unseasoned racks often has an unpleasant metallic taste. By dipping your grills in a dishwasher, you’ll be destroying the seasoning on your grates.


When cleaning grills, the idea is to get rid of rust and residue food particles. Rust is a grill killer and can expose you to serious health complications. Rust occurs when moisture gets trapped causing the cast iron to oxidize and turn brown. Note that most of the rusting occurs in the bottom of the grill and at the point where gas enter the grill. Thoroughly clean your grates by scrubbing the tops, side and bottom. Cleaning your grill properly will not only extend its useful life but will also improve its performance.

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