How To Make Barbecue Marinade Filipino Style

Barbecue is a universal food. There is no simpler way to prepare food, and every culture’s cuisine ultimately has its basis in putting some sort of food over a fire. The Philippines have a unique cooking style due to the American occupation that has been such a part of that country’s history; certain aspects of American cooking have been grafted onto native cooking for some interesting hybridization. This just means how to make barbecue marinade Filipino style is a little more complicated than it seems at first.

Filipino barbecue mixes a little American influence in with its Asian origins for a snappy sauce. The basic sauce mixes in garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, sea salt, and ground black pepper with banana catsup, ginger ale, and calamansi juice from the Filipino lime when possible, lemon juice when not. All of these are mixed together and warmed up to be used as a marinade. Once the meat is taken out for cooking, the remaining sauce is not tossed out but is used to cover the meat, keeping it soft and chewy as well as imbuing it with greater taste. There are any number of variants on the sauce, allowing for a wide variety of tastes.

Most of those variants involve trading out liquids or adding spices. A common one is to substitute tomato catsup for the banana catsup, which makes it a little more tart. Any number of local spices can be added, with sesame seeds and shallots a popular addition. Peppers make for a hotter sauce, and every pepper has its fans. Sliced and juiced fruits of every kind are added as well, each adding its own level of sweet or sour to the marinade. While this makes it interesting for those with food allergies it makes it great for barbecue lovers.

The big difference is the meat that is used, as Asian tastes prefer meat that is already chopped and ready to go; in Asian culture it is considered an insult to the cook if a knife is needed to cut the meat apart. This means that steaks and large cuts are replaced by sliced pork and skewered meats. While chicken does make an appearance it more likely to cubed and chopped rather than as thighs and breasts. Skewers see a lot of use, as it helps to not only make the food easy to cook but easy to serve as well. Suffice to say that it makes for a great street food and one that is easy to access as well as carry around.

Thus, when it comes to how to make barbecue marinade Filipino style it is more a question of what the individual cook prefers more than any traditional sauce. If you have allergies you may want to ask a few questions prior to eating, but generally it is not that hard to find out what is in any given sauce. Nonetheless, this just means that it is easy to find a sauce that someone likes, especially if you are not afraid to try whatever barbecue happens into your path.

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